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Hair Transplant in India

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Hair Transplant Questions & Answers

Hair Transplant – Does it hurts?

How soon can I hit gym after my hair transplant?

When & how can I remove scabs or crust after hair transplant?

When can I take shower after hair transplant surgery?

Do hair transplants leave scar?

Is hair transplant really costly?

When to prefer body hair transplant?

Can I use hair of another person for the surgery on my scalp?

What is trichophytic closure?

Can smoking affect the hair growth; should I stop smoking before surgery?

How many hairs usually grow out of one hair follicle or graft?

How much time it will take to grow hair after the surgery?

Can tight hair styling like braids, ponytails cause hair loss?

Do I need to get some blood tests before hair transplant?

What can you do during the shedding after hair transplant?

Does transplanted hair have permanent life?

Does PRP therapy have any complications?

What to expect immediately after FUE hair transplant?

When will my hair grow after hair transplant?

Do I need to keep my hair long after hair transplant surgery to hide my donor scar?

Can PRP regrow hair? How does PRP works?

Is FUE hair transplant right for you?

How long will my hair transplant last?

How often do I need to visit the clinic after hair transplant?

How successful are hair transplant?

Does transplanted hair fall out after hair transplant?

My hairs are starting to thin, should I go for hair transplant?

Can I have PRP during hair transplant?

Is PRP therapy an alternative for hair transplant/ Can I get PRP therapy done in place of hair transplant?

Pimples on scalp after hair transplant: what to do?

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