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When & how can I remove scabs or crust after hair transplant?

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One can take a head wash the next day by allowing water to flow gently over the area where transplantation of hair follicle is done. At Hair & Senses we ask the patient to come to the clinic on the next day where we remove the bandage and give the first head wash. We give instructions on how to wash the head for initial 12-14 days. Avoid rubbing, picking or scratching the transplanted area for initial two weeks so that grafts can properly get fixed to the scalp. Washing the head ensures that scabs remain soft and the scalp remains clean to help the healing to take place.

After 10 days, if the patient can come to clinic then we clean the scabs and remove the crusts. If the patient cannot visit the clinic then we generally instruct to start gently rubbing the scalp. It is not necessary to remove all crusts in one day by vigorously rubbing it as this may cause problem

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