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Hair Transplant in India

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Hair Transplant in India

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Hair Transplant in India

Hi there, My name is Darren and I live in Australia thats me to the right and above.Like you I was looking at options to deal with my hair loss and bimused by the different options and information. I was also very untrusting of most doctors as they were not only ridiculously expensive but came across as used car salesman, I know my father was one!

I am on this page because I not only saved nearly $10,000 having 7000 grafts in 3 days (with no scar), but I genuinely had a wonderful time in India. Hair & Senses did a great job for giving me awesome treatment for hair loss via hair transplant in India. So, I want others to have the same experience

Fill in your details above, email me or call me for a chat on 0406473173. I will tell you how easy, cheap and professional it is.

Why India is a favorable destination for medical tourism?

Various factors have led to the recent increase in popularity of healthcare tourism in India.

World-class treatment is offered at a substantially low cost as compared to those in developed countries with the use of same technology and level of skill and competence. There is availability of skills, knowledge and resources. India has a lot of hospitals offering world class treatments in nearly every branch of medical Science. The common streams which have encouraged and invited many aspects of medical tourism are cardiothoracic surgery, obesity surgery, and cosmetic surgery including hair transplant, orthopedics, GI surgery, and urology.

Ayurveda and other modalities of alternate medicine have also contributed to the aspect of health care and wellness tourism.

Leisure tourism is already very much in demand in India as it offers diverse tourist destination with cultural heritage and scenic beauty. The hospitality in the Indian culture is well known by the saying “Atithi Devo Bhava”.

If we compare the cost and pricing of doing a treatment or surgery in India with that of abroad, then it will not be untrue to say that the combine cost of treatment along with leisure tourism is approximately equal or even less than that of the cost of treatment alone in abroad.

Hair & Senses Vs. Other Clinics in India

Unlike other Hair Transplant Clinics in India, we provide you best cost effective treatment solutions along with assured results.

  • No Consultancy Charges : Consult with Dr. Sangay Bhutia regarding your hair problems at free of cost.
  • Work on Graft Count: We charge on basis of Grafts implanted instead of hairs. All charges will be applicable on Graft basis (1 Graft = ~2.2 Hairs)
  • Minimal Graft Wastage.
  • Warm Hospitality: You feel like at your home during our hospitality.
  • 100’s of Success Stories: View hundreds of success stories all over the globe by the team.
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