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Hair Transplant in India

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Body Hair Transplant - Body Hair Transplant (BHT) in India

body hair transplant

This term essentially means using the hairs from the parts of body other than the scalp and transplanting them on the scalp/head.

Generally for the purpose of hair transplant the donor is taken from the head or the scalp itself but in patients where the option of donor from scalp is very limited or there is not enough graft available from head/scalp, then donor from certain areas of body can be used for the purpose of transplantation on head.

Hairs most commonly are taken from beard followed by upper chest, upper back, abdomen, armpits, forearm, legs.

Use of Body Hair Transplant:

  • In combination with classic hair transplant for achieving greater density in patients having weak donor area on scalp.
  • For filling large areas of bald patch
  • For correction/ repair hair transplant.

Key points to remember :

  • Difference in growth cycle of body hairs from scalp hairs.
  • Body hair often has a lower diameter than the hair on scalp
  • Follicular unit from scalp may consist of 1,2,3 or 4 hairs but follicular unit from other body parts may generally have single hair.
  • Extraction of hair follicles
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