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Hair Transplant in India

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Hair Transplant Case Study with 2700 Grafts in 26 Years Old Guy

Hair Transplant

The patient was 26 Year aged professional having hair loss on the front area. He was using Minoxidil previously to control the hair fall but gained no permanent result. At Hair & Senses, after analyzing his case completely with some medical tests the patient was suggested to go for the hair transplant.

We suggested FUE technique for the hair transplant in order to obtain natural look. The procedure was done under local anesthesia.

No. of Grafts: 2700 |Session: 1 Day | Procedure: FUE| Result: 7 Months Cycle

Before the procedure

Before Procedure

Day 11: After removal of scabs

Hairline Designing

Hair Growth after 4 months

Transplanted area 4 Months

Hair Growth after 6 months

Transplanted area 6 Months

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